Chris Parker Bio

Prior to his commencement as a lecturer at the National Institute for Christian Education in 2009, Chris worked at Nepean Christian School for 12 years and preceding this at Sutherland Shire Christian School.

After graduating from University he worked as an Associate Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Sydney. As well as lecturing for the National Institute he will be serving in the role of Executive Officer Communications for both the Institute and Christian Education National. Chris is also one of the founding members of the Christian Educators' Professional Association.

Although his initial training was in environmental science, after exploring teaching secondary mathematics and science in a Christian school he grew to love helping children to see the world through the gospel of the Lord Jesus. His main teaching focus, in more recent years, has been technology education. Chris has a particular interest in technology and education and how the biblical worldview, centred in Christ, should shape how we approach technology as Christian educators.

Chris and his wife, Coco, live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. They have two children and a growing collection of ukuleles.


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