Dr Andrew Schmidt Bio

Dr Andrew Schmidt
BSc, BEdSt, MEdSt, GradDipEd, GradDipCurtSt, EdD, MCEPA

Andrew has been connected with Christian Schools now for 28 years teaching from Yr 1 to Yr 11. He has pursued his interest in innovation, teacher development, alternative assessment, teaching methods and curriculum development and evaluation through a Master of Educational Studies program. In recent years Andrew has been heavily involved in setting up Vocational Courses and Structured Work Placements for students in years 9-12 in both Mount Evelyn and Mountain District Christian Schools. He has been working part time with the National Institute for Christian Education for the last 10 years. Andrew participates in many intensive sessions and enjoys meeting students from all over Australia. Andrew is married to Kathy and has 5 grown up kids. His hobbies include growing vegies, skin diving, fishing, hiking and bird watching. Andrew has lived in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne all his life.


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