Dr Jill Ireland

Jill Ireland
BA (Hons), M.Litt, MEd, PhD, MCEPA

Jill Ireland and her engineer husband Stephen have five children (born 1986-1996), who all went to Bega Valley Christian College from when it was in its pioneering phase. Jill has been involved with the National Institute for Christian Education since 1995, as student, Council member and, more recently, adjunct lecturer. Most of her publications have been on literature for children and adolescents, with a particular interest in how worldviews are conveyed. Jill was one of the editors of Pointing the Way (2004) and Engaging the Culture (2006), and has contributed articles to Nurture and Christian Teachers Journal.

Jill was Caltex Woman Graduate of the Year for Tasmania in 1981, and did research for a Master of Letters on the poetry of John Donne and TS Eliot at Oxford University in 1982-3 under Professor John Carey. Since then she has completed a Masters Degree in Education with the National Institute for Christian Education and a PhD on the influence of literary theories on the teaching of year 12 English. A number of the participants in her research have pointed out the conflicts between their own Christian worldview and some specific literary theories.

Jill teaches medieval to modern literature and philosophy at the Bega campus of the University of Wollongong, and lectures in the Masters program for the National Institute for Christian Education, helps in the family agricultural merchandising business, and does some free-lance editing.

Jill and Stephen enjoy visiting their children, who are gradually leaving home for university and beyond. By having no television Jill finds time to play the oboe, read voraciously, and conduct knitting experiments which sometimes become published fair-isle or lace knitting patterns.


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