Jacqui Stok Bio

Jacqui Stok

BSc, BEng (Hons), GradDipEd, MEd (NICE), MCEPA

Jacqui Stok is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Mount Evelyn Christian School. She divides her time between teaching mathematics to secondary students, developing curriculum, and encouraging the professional learning of her colleagues. Jacqui is especially intrigued with the challenge of exploring what authentic Christian education looks like—particularly in the areas of curriculum development, classroom practices, and innovations. Jacqui is a recent addition to the editorial committee of the Christian Teachers Journal, and a member of the team which produced the Transformation by Design curriculum resource for Christian schools in Australia.

Jacqui is an avid reader, although this love started well after she completed her formal schooling years. Together with her family, she has more than a slight obsession with Lego. The Stok family have been collectors, builders and designers of Lego for over thirty years, and their impressive collection has even appeared in the news both in Australia and overseas.


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