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National Institute for Christian Education is committed to the dual principles of maintaining the highest academic standards that are at least equivalent to those in current Australian public universities, while providing the shortest possible route to the desired award by the recognition of prior learning and advanced standing wherever this is consistent with these standards.


HD = 85%-100% = High Distinction
D = 75%-84% = Distinction
Cr = 65%-74% = Credit
P = 50%-64% = Pass
F = < 50% = Not Satisfactory


It is important that there is consistency in student assessment between lecturers throughout the National Institute for Christian Education and that assessment standards be comparable to those of Australian universities.

Coursework units are assessed on the basis of two or three assignment tasks presented at different times during the trimester. Effort is made to vary the nature of these tasks to allow for different learning styles, to ensure that assessment is appropriate to the subject being studied and to ensure a balance between theoretical understanding and effective practice. A student who finds the assessment task set to be inappropriate for that student’s situation may negotiate with the lecturer an alternative task providing such tasks are of equivalent standard to those described in the course units and are in accordance with the stated purpose and learning outcomes of the coursework unit. Although primarily designed for students working in Christian schools, assignments can be adapted to suit students working in other institutions in the education sector. This is particularly applicable to students studying for the MEd (Leadership) and Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership) degree.

Assessment and progression through the program are not conditional on acceptance of a particular set of beliefs or values but on academic merit. It is expected that students demonstrate an understanding of all beliefs and values that are addressed in the course work units with a particular recognition of (though not necessarily adherence to) a Christian worldview perspective. It is Institute policy that there will be no discrimination against students whose views are at variance with the institution’s Christian commitment.

Like all tertiary institutions, the National Institute for Christian Education seeks to maintain the integrity of student assignments. Our default position is to assume that all student work genuinely is the product of those submitting it, and that all references, quotations and imports of work from other sources are properly referenced. However, following best practice the National Institute for Christian Education affirms the right to check any, some, or all assignments for irregularities in this respect, with special attention to possible plagiarism or the inclusion of unattributed material obtained from a website. Severe penalties, including ejection from the National Institute for Christian Education programs, can result from infringements in this area. Unit results will not be forwarded to the student until the National Institute for Christian Education has received a completed evaluation form for the unit and the student has paid all the unit registration fees.

Our existing students can find information and resources relating to their studies in the Student Information Centre within the eLearning Portal.

Up until the end of 2018, the National Institute was engaged in a 3rd party accreditation relationship with Morling College. Past Morling College students can request an official copy of their academic transcript here

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It might be helpful in making your decision to study with us to access the following information. Further information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please don't hesitate to contact us to chat about anything you are unsure about.

The National Institute for Christian Education has an extensive library/resource centre specialising in the areas of philosophy, education and educational philosophy with in-depth coverage of these topics from a biblical, reformational perspective in a contemporary context.

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The National Institute for Christian Education has a third party arrangement with Alphacrucis College to provide postgraduate courses in education. Therefore, the student policies for postgraduate study are those of Alphacrucis College.

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The National Institute offers enrolment in 3 semesters each year. Click here to access the current semester dates.


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