Lindsay Graieg Bio

Lindsay Graieg
DipTeach(Prim), BEd, GradDipEd(Ad&WorkplaceEd), MEd, EdD

From 1982 for eighteen years my teaching was in a range of educational roles throughout regional Western Australia included time in Onslow, Carnarvon, Perth, Geraldton, and Kalgoorlie as a primary teacher and acting principal. This has included some years as a rural and remote computer support teacher in Perth and as Network Manager on Christmas Island. Other experiences include the delivery of gifted and talented programs, distance learning through eight years at Schools of the Air and the School of Isolated and Distance Education and at one stage relieving Education Officer at Greenough Regional Prison.

From 2002 – 2015 I taught secondary English, Art and Christian perspectives at Strathalbyn Christian College in Geraldton Western Australia. 

My wife Christine and I, after three decades of teaching in the bush moved to Perth in 2016 to be closer to family. Both of their children have married teachers. While in Perth work included a relieving. Position with Swan-online teaching secondary English. I also was a senior lecturer for Sheridan College in their Master of Education Program from 2017-2019 delivering worldview and curriculum units.

Late 2019 we returned to Geraldton and Strathalbyn Christian College teaching senior English, Biblical Life and Worldview while supporting a new generation of teachers to refine their craft.


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