Ken Dickens Bio

Dr Ken Dickens
DipTeach, ThC, MEdSt, PhD, MCEPA.

While Ken is currently a senior adjunct lecturer for the National Institute for Christian Education, his history of working with the Institute dates back to 1998 when he began as an adjunct lecturer. Ken was Principal of the Institute (2009-2016) and CEO of Christian Education National (2009-2015). Before entering the tertiary sector, Ken was a school teacher for 30 years. His teaching career was equally divided among public schools a Christian schools–the latter involving leadership positions. Although initially a primary teacher, Ken has taught right across the K-12 spectrum. His academic interests concern the theology and philosophy of Christian education and leadership. His PhD with UNSW dealt with the integration of Christian faith with vision and practice of two Christian school groups. Ken is a frequent speaker at conferences and has written many articles for Teacher Christian Journal and Nurture. He has often reviewed submissions for peer-reviewed publications. He has contributed chapters and co-edited Engaging the culture: Christians at work in education and Pointing the way: Directions for Christian education in a new millennium. His writings have recently been compiled in a publication entitled A tale of two worldviews.

Ken lives with his wife Jennie in the Blue Mountains of NSW. They have four adult children and lots of grandchildren. Ken enjoys reading, doing home projects, and watching rugby and cricket.


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