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Linda Hampstead
BA, GradDipEd, MEdSt

Linda Hampstead retired in 2011 after 7 years of teaching in State schools and 28 years in two Christian Schools. During that time she completed her studies through the National Institute for Christian Education. She speaks of this as a profitable and enlightening process. "Not only did this teach me about Christian education but it has helped me", she says, "to develop a worldview that has been (and still is) transformed by the Bible." She enjoys the opportunity to think deeply about the world and its people, most particularly the way it challenges her in the understanding of who God is and his plan and purpose for us. She sees this as a transformative journey that she is keen to share with others.


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  • God's Story Resource
  • National Institute for Christian Education
  • Christian Educators' Professional Association
  • Certificate of Christian Education
  • Which story are you teaching?
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