Michael Street Bio

Michael Street
Bed, MEd, MRes

Michael Street is the HSIE co-ordinator at Green Point Christian College on the New South Wales Central Coast and a director of the History Teachers Association of NSW. He started his career in 2012 as an English teacher and steadily moved across to History teaching in 2016. Michael has taught in Christian and state schools in New South Wales and has also worked for Sekolah Pelita Harapan in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was the recipient of the 2019 NSW Premier’s History Teachers HTA Scholarship and a 2021 scholarship recipient in the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators. As part of the NSW Premier’s Scholarship, Michael travelled to the USA and UK to conduct research into the historiography of witch hunts and witch trials. Michael speaks regularly at state and national conferences, delivering pedagogical support to History teachers on a range of topics, with special focus on the history of witch hunts, Apartheid in South Africa, and the Cold War.

Michael completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education through UNSW in 2012. He then completed a Master of Education with the National Institute for Christian Education in 2017 and a Master of Research in Education through Macquarie University in 2021. His research passions focus on the intersection between Christian Education, teacher wellbeing and educational psychology. Flowing out of this passion, Michael is currently working towards a PhD in Education at Macquarie University, exploring the relationship between the religious ethos of faith-based schools and sources of teacher self-efficacy.

Michael is married to Richelle and is the father of five children. Every day is busy, every day God is gracious.


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