God's Story Resource

'God's Story' is a teaching resource that is BIG on impact.  The Bible is God's Story.  It's a true story.  It's also our story.

God’s Story is an effective visual tool for raising BIG picture biblical literacy.

It combines a chronological timeline of the Bible story, people, events, books, and major themes plus how to explain them.


3 metre or 6 metre colourful wall or floor chart PLUS Users' Guide.

Do you want to…

  •     connect the whole Bible for students in a fresh way?
  •     help your students discover how to read the Bible?
  •     reveal major biblical themes from Genesis to Revelation?
  •     increase the biblical literacy of your staff?


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God's Story is a resource for teaching the Bible as a unified whole.
The colourful wall, floor, or foldout chronogical Bible chart, and Users' Guide, help reveal the message, pattern, unity, and power of God's word. Biblical themes, events, books, and people are connected through the chronological Bible timeline.

When was the concept of covenant first introduced? How about reconciliation? These, and 17 other foundational biblical themes, are visually displayed on the chart and expanded in the Users' Guide.

Preview your 44 Page God's Story Users Guide
Your 44 page Bible Study Users' Guide is suitable for trainers, students, and teachers. Your Guide can be used with or without a wall Bible timeline chart.
What’s included:

  • 117cm full colour foldout chart

  • step by step explanations on using the chart

  • three studies for presentations


Take a look inside. Click here to view a sample.

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Your wall or floor Bible timeline chart is made from durable washable vinyl with eyelets for ease of mounting. A sturdy cardboard tube is provided for delivery or storage. Your Users' Guides are ring bound for ease of use and folding out the 117cm long chart.
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There are at least FIVE ways to use your chart

  1. The storyline - follow the BLUE storyline from left to right using the books of the Bible.

  2. Vertical slices - these explore a deeper understanding of specific episodes and their spiritual significance within the whole story.

  3. Big themes - examine the unifying themes on the WHITE bar. These build a sense of hope and assurance as you understand the interlocking truths of the Bible.

  4. The overview - select highlights to give a brief overview of the whole story or to illustrate a particular theme.

  5. Talks - take a New Testament passage and discover its meaning and significance emerging from the Old Testament through to the fulfilment of God's plan in the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus.

Who is it for?

Who is the God's Story Bible study resource suitable for?

  • Christian schools - primary and secondary

  • Bible Colleges

  • Churches

  • University or Bible study groups

  • Scripture and SRE teachers in schools

Train your staff, teachers, students, and congregation.

Mount your chart in a hall, on staffroom or classroom walls, or roll it out on the floor for discussion.

What are people saying?

"At a time when Biblical literacy amongst Christians is barely on the radar, this ‘God’s Story’ resource, with its rich visual representation of Biblical truth, is a light bulb experience for those who encounter it for the first time."  Paul Arundel
"You know the Bible is big, full of people, messages, and patterns. You know it all fits together to tell God’s amazing story. Yet the God’s Story chart and Users' Guide helps you and your students step back, see the big picture, and better understand our place in THE CROSS-CENTRED STORY."  Ken Dickens
"The colourful chart and guide help me visually present the beauty of God's BIG storyline woven together through the whole Bible. It’s exciting to see adults and children make fresh connections and to see how the cross anchors the whole story to God's plan for the world."  Chris Parker

From the Author

Hear from Bob Johnston as he introduces the God's Story teaching resource.  The story behind 'God's Story'

This resource started as a Biblical Studies course for Years 9-10 at John Wycliffe Christian School about 1981. It was very well received by students and parents alike. After a number of years it was replaced by a different course and stored in a chest. After a number of comments from people within our church about making sense of the Bible, I retrieved it from the chest and redeveloped it for a church camp. The response was immediate and, for a number of people, the lights went on in terms of their grasp of the unity of the Scriptures. For a while it again ended up in the chest until once more it was salvaged for a course developed for a group of Christian teachers and leaders. The response was the same. Several people wanted to take photos and reproduce it. Still others wanted NICE to produce it as a resource. And so, with a substantial reworking of the chart and Tanya van der Schoor’s magic on design & layout, a whole package has been developed consisting of the chart and Users' Guide to give potential users some ideas as to how the chart may be used for a number of different purposes and in a number of different contexts.
I trust you will find as many rich moments of learning and growing in using it as I have found in developing it. The Word of God is meant to be ‘living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating even to dividing soul and spirit …. judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ (Heb 4:12). My prayer is that this resource will do its work effectively, enabling you to know and use your Bible in effective ways to encourage and teach others, thus enabling them to experience the Bible doing its work in their lives.

Bob Johnston


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