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Transformation by Design

Transformation by Design is a resource designed to help you develop curriculum from a biblical perspective. This resource has been developed by a team of expert and experienced Christian educators from around Australia. It provides a model for developing curriculum in direct response to a mandated curriculum while unfolding a transformational, biblical perspective for the students.The Big Picture Template


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(Foundational General Literacy and History)

(Year 5 and 6 Primary Science)

(Senior Primary General Literacy and Science)

Landforms and Landscapes
(Junior Secondary Geography)

The Industrial Revolution
(Year 9 History)

The Rug Maker of Mazar-E-Sharif
(Year 10 English)

Data Analysis
(Year 12 Further Maths)


Summary Pages

The Big Picture Model

Creation Fall Redemption Renewal Schema



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As further assistance, teahcers can add their own Big Pictures to the resource bank being development through the Christian Educators' Professional Association.



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