Peter Muddle Bio

Peter Muddle
BSc (Hons), Dip.Ed, MEd, MCEPA

Peter is the Curriculum Coordinator (Perspectives) K-12 at Covenant Christian School in Sydney. He has worked at the school for nearly 10 years. Prior to that, Peter worked at Pacific Hills Christian School, and Bega Valley Christian College. During his time at Covenant, Peter has served in a Middle-School leadership role, as Mathematics Coordinator, and has taught Biblical Studies, Mathematics and Physics.

Peter’s key professional interests include setting the vision and mission for Christian schools, and seeing how foundational values lead to practice in the class room. He has worked with CEN and the National Institute for Christian Education in the area of developing Teachers of Mathematics, and is involved in the development of CEPA. Peter’s role at Covenant is directly related to curriculum, monitoring and providing feedback to the teachers in regard to what it means to teach from a Christian Perspective. He is currently working on an action research project in regard to the development of Christian Curriculum and its importance to the Christian School. Peter has a passion for developing in his students an appreciation for the wonder and awe of God, through all of life. Peter often speaks at conferences and he coordinates the music ministry at his local church.

Peter and his wife Heidi, live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They have three young children, Emily, Grace and Amy, all of whom attend Covenant Christian School.


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