Application for Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning

To apply for Advanced Standing (“AS”) or Recognition of Prior Learning (“RPL”), please complete this form and submit it along with supporting certified documentation by email or post to the National Institute of Christian Education at the address above. This form is for assessment of completed formal academic study from an accredited institution. Please ensure that you read AC’s Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy before applying.

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To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, please provide the following supporting documentation: Official Academic Transcripts for all units which credit is requested (original or certified); Course Outlines of Unit Descriptions, as at the time of completion.
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Unit/Subject Code and Name
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Please make sure you list the learning outcomes including descriptions from the subject listed above (previous institution) and which learning outcomes they relate to within the National Institute subject listed above.
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    Recognition of Prior Learning Guidelines

    Any application for RPL will include students needing to demonstrate that, through their prior learning and experience, they have met the learning outcomes of the subject in question. RPL is not just based on experience in a subject area, but students also need to show awareness of the theory within the area of study. Students then need to provide evidence to support their application and demonstrate how they have met each learning outcome of the particular subject. Appropriate types of evidence are listed in the RPL Policy, and may include a portfolio with examples of previous work, references from employers with detailed description of applicant skills and responsibilities, study transcripts, a reflective essay, or a combination of these methods. This is not an exhaustive list and students may include other evidence that supports their application. This application form and provided evidence is then considered by the Program Director and, if the Program Director believes that the student has met the required learning outcomes, the application is recommended to the Higher Education Student Affairs Committee (HESAC) for consideration. Any student contemplating an application for RPL needs to be aware that the effort put into developing an application does not guarantee a positive result
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