Why Study With Us?

The degrees offered by the National Institute are shaped and taught through a biblically grounded philosophy of education. They encourage teachers and school communities to think, act, and teach in ways that take serious the public truth of the Christian gospel and its implications for all of life. The degrees provide opportunities for teachers and school leaders to learn from experienced and qualified Christian thinkers as they faithfully apply a biblical lens to their local environment.

In summary, why choose to study with the National Institute for Christian Education?

  • Subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview perspective
  • Institute lecturers continue to draw upon 40 years of scholarly endeavour and intellectual capital
  • Fully accredited, rigorous Masters level study
  • Subjects are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for teachers (APST)
  • Study may be counted towards Professional development hours
  • Online course delivery allows teachers and school leaders a flexible study approach
  • FEE-HELP is available

“Since studying with the National Institute, I am a lot more reflective and critical around things that I read and see and do. I find that I evaluate my worldview more regularly, in light of scripture. It’s changed me”.

Jennifer Staj