A Biblical Vision for Christian School Leadership

EDU505 │ Core Subject │ 10 credit points


A specific goal of this subject is to help you gain an in-depth understanding of leadership theory in general and education leadership theory, in particular. Of course, just like any academic activity, these ‘theories’ have been developed within particular worldview frameworks—think ‘no neutrality—and you should be able to begin to identify and think critically about these. As you read what scholars and practitioners have to say about leadership you will be encouraged to both identify and critique your own ideas as well as a biblical perspective on the literature in this field.


EDU400/400a Biblical Foundations of Education and EDU501/501a Worldviews and Educational Practice

Teaching methods

Online Semester
Directed online learning and independent learning

Learning outcomes

Student who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of educational leadership theory in the context of Christian schooling.
  2. Identify and critically analyse worldview frameworks of leadership theories.
  3. Research relevant literature in order to articulate a biblical perspective of educational leadership.
  4. Apply educational leadership theory to personal and communal leadership practices, and adopt changes as necessary.
  5. Critically reflect on and critique personal views and practices of leadership as a result of academic engagement and biblical worldview


Critical Reflective Pieces20%
Self-Study Project Report40%

Subject content

  1. The important of the Identity of the Leader
  2. Vision and Purpose in Christian Schooling
  3. Leadership and School Leadership
  4. Biblical Leadership
  5. Christian School Leadership
  6. Leading Self and Others
  7. Leading Education
  8. Toward Christian Schooling

Prescribed text and reading materials

Christopher Prior (2023). Who we are matters: Reflections on Christian school
leadership. National Institute for Christian Education

A list of reading materials will be available in the Subject Outline on eLearning Portal.