Accreditation and Governance

The National Institute for Christian Education is the teacher training arm of its owner, Christian Education National. The National Institute comes under the governance of the CEN National Board. For the degree programs, and for the purpose of Federal government accreditation, the National Institute has a third party arrangement with Alphacrucis College Ltd. The postgraduate academic processes of the National Institute are subject to the Academic Board of Alphacrucis College.


National Institute Academic Planing and Review Committee (APRC)

Although the National Institute is subject to, and participates in, numerous Alphacrucis committees, it has its own Academic Planning and Review Committee (in conjunction with faculty), that review postgraduate courses and procedures and advise on new subjects, reading lists and research agendas.


The National Institute for Christian Education has formed a third party agreement with Alphacrucis College Ltd (AC). AC is registered with the Australian Commonwealth Government as a Higher Education Provider, offering courses recognised by Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) (ID: PRV12006). AC is authorised to self-accredit courses of study at Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Levels 5-10 in Business and Management, Teacher Education, and Philosophy and Religious Studies under section 41 of the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Act 2011, including the courses delivered by the National Institute for Christian Education


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