The National Institute for Christian Education has an extensive library/resource centre specialising in the areas of philosophy and education.

It has an in-depth coverage of these topics from a biblical, reformational perspective in a contemporary context.


Accessing the Library 

The National Institute for Christian Education Resource Centre is open to the public during normal working hours. It is located in the CEN National Office on the campus of Nepean Christian School, NSW.


Online Catalogue

The National Institute for Christian Education library catalogue can be accessed remotely.



National Institute for Christian Education students and staff residing within Australia are able to borrow up to six resources for four weeks with the option to renew the loan period if the resource is not required by other users.

The Resource Centre will mail the resources to the borrower at no cost with the borrower being responsible to pay for the return of the resources.

Students of the National Institute also have access to paid subscriptions to international searchable databases. Details are available once you enrol.



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