Curriculum Development in Christian Schools

EDU503 │ Core Subject │ 10 credit points


Curriculum development is not a religiously neutral arrangement of content and resources for learning, but is strongly influenced by the decisions, priorities and convictions of the curriculum developer. In this subject, students explore curriculum as a human construct that shapes the teaching and learning of created realities through particular worldview lenses. Upon formulating criteria for biblically faithful curriculum development, students will review curriculum documents and investigate the benefits and challenges of collaborative curriculum development in their communities of practice..


EDU400/400a Biblical Foundations of Education and EDU501/501a Worldviews and Educational Practice

Teaching methods

Online Semester
Directed online learning and independent learning

Learning outcomes

Student who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate specialised knowledge of the theories and practices underpinning curriculum design and development.
  2. Critically analyse and evaluate the influence of worldviews and cultural trends on school-based and government mandated curriculum.
  3. Articulate and justify biblically faithful principles for curriculum design and development.
  4. Apply principles of biblically faithful curriculum design to the development or review of curriculum.
  5. Critically reflect on the development of curriculum within communities of practice.


Critical Reflective Pieces20%

Subject content

  1. Understanding the nature of curriculum
  2. Deciding what will be taught, and how
  3. Evaluating curriculum
  4. Curriculum models and frameworks
  5. Outcomes, objectives, and learning intentions
  6. School-based curriculum development
  7. Collaborative practices in curriculum development
  8. Christian teachers as curriculum developers

Prescribed text and reading materials

Badley, K. (2019). Curriculum planning with design language: Building elegant courses
and units
. Routledge.

Dickens, K., Hanscamp, M., Mustin, A., Parker, C., Stok, J. & White, T. (2017).
Transformation by design: A curriculum development resource for Christian
schools: The big picture
. National Institute for Christian Education

A list of reading materials will be available in the Subject Outline on eLearning Portal.