Education Research Project Capstone

EDU598 │ Capstone Subject │ 20 credit points


As a reflection of the calling of Christian teachers to explore ways of serving God with integrity in educational leadership, this capstone involves the identification of a researchable problem in education to be investigated in ways which uphold biblical standards of integrity and fairness. Students are to apply an appropriate research methodology to address the problem or gain insights into furthering its possible solution. To report on this research, a short formal thesis will be produced which should be critically shaped by biblically informed experience of education, and have the potential to benefit Christian school communities.


Four core subjects (40 credit points), one elective subjects (10 credit points), and EDU595 Research Methods (10 credit points)

Teaching methods

Online Semester
Directed online learning and independent learning

Learning outcomes

Student who successfully complete this subject will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of research methodologies and their inherent worldview commitments.
  2. Critically analyse and appraise the nature and role of the research process and its potential to renew, refresh, inform or transform practice within a Christian educational / leadership context.
  3. Communicate project results and discussion through a written thesis.
  4. With extensive reference to pertinent literature and from a biblical perspective, design and conduct an appropriate research project in order to address the problem in ways that fit into a faithful Christian education community.
  5. Critically reflect on and provide suggestions for further research that could serve the wider Christian education community.


AC HREC Application0%
Critical Reflective Pieces20%
Individual presentation20%
Minor thesis60%

Subject content

  1. Research as an Academic Activity
  2. Research with Humans: Preparing a HREC Application
  3. Designing the Research Project
  4. Assessments One and Two
  5. Data Analysis in Research
  6. Writing a Thesis

Prescribed text and reading materials

Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (2018). Research methods in education (8th ed.). Routledge.

A list of reading materials will be available in the Subject Outline on eLearning Portal.