MEd (Leadership) Units

Master of Education (Leadership)

A student must complete at least 80 credit points to obtain this award. The four core units are mandatory. 


Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership)

This course is integrated with the Master of Education (Leadership). It provides both a possible stepping stone into the MEd (Leadership) and an exit point for those doing the MEd (Leadership). If a student who is enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership) wants to use their credit points towards an MEd (Leadership) they can apply for this (though they will need to surrender their Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership) then complete the remaining 40 credit points). Students enrolled in in the MEd (Leadership) who complete 40 credit points may choose to ‘exit’ at this point with a Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership) instead of the Master of Education (Leadership).

Students must complete 4 core units. This is a total of 40 credit points.


Credit Points

10 credit points are awarded for each unit completed.


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