Subject Timetable

Core SubjectSemester 1Semester 2Summer Intake
EDU400 Biblical Foundations of EducationXXX
EDU400a Biblical Foundations of Education (NICE@School)XX
EDU501 Worldviews and Educational PracticeXXX
EDU501a Worldviews and Educational Practice (NICE@School)XX
EDU503Curriculum Development in Christian SchoolsXXX
EDU505 A Biblical Vision for Christian School LeadershipXXX
EDU506 Biblical Principles of School ManagementXXX
EDU507 Reflective PedagogyXX
Elective SubjectSemester 1Semester 2Summer Intake
EDU517 Assessment for Deeper LearningXX
EDU525 Learning Theories and Formational PracticeXX
EDU527 Cross-Cultural Perspectives and EducationXX
EDU531 Directed Reading in Educational LeadershipXX
EDU546 Equity and Inclusion: Educating Students with DisabilityX
EDU551 Perspective on Teaching MathematicsXX
EDU555 Digital Technology and EducationXX
EDU561 Leading Quality Teaching and LearningXX
EDU565 Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervising in Educational ContextXX
EDU567 Adults and Professional LearningXX
EDU572 Community Partnerships in EducationXXby demand
EDU574 The Social and Historical Context of Christian SchoolingXX
EDU576 Reforming Leadership: Overseeing Change and ContinuityXXX
EDU579 Critical Evaluation of Professional LearningXX
EDU595 Research Methods in EducationXXX
Capstone SubjectSemester 1Semester 2Summer Intake
EDU581 Research Design Capstone (10cp)from 2025XX
EDU596 Reflective Project Capstone (10cp)XXX
EDU598 Education Research Project Capstone (20cp)XX