Modes of Study

eLearning Portal

All teaching of accredited postgraduate courses is done by distance education. All unit outlines, study guides, and readings are available through our eLearning portal. 

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Studying in a Class Group

We encourage you to take the opportunity to study within a class group at your school.  The opportunity to dialogue together and work through practical applications within your school context can be greatly beneficial.  If you have a group of 5 or more staff members who are interested in enrolling into a particular unit as part of a class group please contact our registrar as discounts may apply.

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Students are responsible for the purchase of their own textbooks. A list of the textbooks required for a unit is found in each Unit Outline. It is also important to ensure that the edition, not just the title, of each textbook matches the unit requirements.

Textbooks can be borrowed from the National Institute Library or ordered directly through the Co-op Bookshop. You may also choose to purchase them secondhand through Abebooks, Amazon, or Books and Collectibles.



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